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2011 HUSABERG TE250 features | Motorcycle accident lawyers |

2011 HUSABERG TE250 Motorcycle features
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2011 Husaberg TE250 Features

• closed cartridge forks
• unrivalled responsiveness
• constant damping throughout the entire suspension travel
• unbeatable power-to-weight ratio typical of a two-stroke
• the more difficult the terrain, the greater the benefit
• strength-saving electric starter
• additional ignition curve switch on the handlebars enables individual adjustment of the engine characteristics
• minimum costs of acquisition and maintenance
• uncomplicated, tried and tested technology as the basis for maximum enduro fun

New handlebars from Neken, with the same shape as before, guarantees supreme stiffness and safety.

Classy triple clamps machined from a single piece are fitted as standard to all Husaberg models. This results in precise clamping of the fork tubes, which supports the flawless function of the forks.

The polyethylene fuel tank on the TE models has been designed for sufficient range combined with enduro ergonomics and hence conveys optimum contact with the bike. With an 11 litre capacity, it is big enough for completing the longest race stages with ease and also allows extended enduro tours.

The latest upside-down forks from WP are equipped with "closed cartridge" technology. A sealed, internal damping cartridge provides for incomparable responsiveness, along with efficient and constant damping characteristics throughout the entire suspension travel. The PDS shock has also been tuned in such a way that the setting completely satisfies all requirements in tough enduro use. Greater comfort and better shock absorption are not to be found anywhere. And those who want to refine the tuning of their suspension have the option to adjust the rebound and compression damping in a matter of a few clicks. In addition, the PDS shock offers separate compression damping adjustment for high- and low-speed damping.

The clever liquid cooling system leads the water directly from the cylinder head through the frame triangle via a T-piece and straight to the radiators. This means simple mounting of the radiators, plenty of space under the fuel tank and therefore unhindered air circulation.

The nickel-plated exhaust pipe has been specially designed for enduro use and contributes significantly to the controllable rideability combined with the highest levels of performance. The aluminium main silencer manufactured in a two-component process is fastened perfectly to the subframe with a strong plastic sleeve.

The high-volume airbox optimally provides the engine with fresh, clean air. The generously sized Twin-Air foam air filter can be changed in a matter of seconds - with no tools at all.

A stable and at the same time extremely lightweight design made from high-quality chrome molybdenum steel tubes and profiles ensures that the central tube frame offers an ideal level of strength and flex. This guarantees the greatest degree of directional stability and torsional rigidity.

State-of-the-art braking technology from Brembo. A lightweight, floating two-piston brake caliper at the front and a compact single-piston floating caliper at the rear, combined with ultra-light Wave brake discs, provide for best possible application and maximum braking performance.

Water-cooled cylinder for maximum performance, very rideable power delivery
with loads of torque, spontaneous punch from the bottom end up for tremendous rear wheel traction, more than enough power in the upper rev range to be able to climb the steepest of slopes with the greatest of ease, centrifugal exhaust control: with two additionally supplied control springs that provide adjustable characteristics for power development that can be tuned to be softer and more traction-oriented or more aggressive for spontaneous power.

The digital ignition is factory-fitted with an ignition curve switch on the handlebars that allows selection of two different ignition curves while riding, the rider can choose between "soft" – i.e. smoother, more traction-oriented performance – or "aggressive" with noticeably more spontaneous performance.

Electric starter for hardcore enduro use, which, thanks to an extremely clever patent, is hidden behind the exhaust, saving space and well protected, perfect for when the strength of the rider dwindles in treacherous terrain.

Convenient hydraulic clutch actuation from Brembo, optimum application, specially designed for two-stroke characteristics, always with a precise pressure point.

Compact and extra-lightweight 2-stroke engine with a displacement of 249 cc or 293.2 cc respectively, enduro-specific engine characteristics, exhaust control regulated by centrifugal force and adjustable ignition allow tuning of the engine characteristics to the needs of the rider or the terrain, robust six-speed transmission designed precisely for real enduro use, smooth hydraulic clutch, patented electric starter

Super-slim ergonomics for optimum freedom of movement, perfect engagement between the rider and the bike enables playful handling, typical Husaberg appearance and fresh graphics

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