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HYOSUNG motorcycle pictures

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HYOSUNG Motorcycle Models

Hyosung 2010:
| GT250 FI | GV650 Aquila/Avitar FI | GT650R FI | GT650 FI | GV250 Aquila FI |

Hyosung 2009:
| GT 650 | GT 650R |

Hyosung 2005:
| XRX125 | XRX400 | GT125 Naked | GT250 | GT650 | GT650R | GT 650 S | GV650 Aquila | GF 125 | RT125 Karion |


Hyosung Group is a Korean industrial conglomerate (chaebol), founded in 1957. It operates in various fields, including the chemical industry, industrial machinery, IT, trade, and construction. It is known in Korea mostly for high-end apartments and automatic teller machines. Its CEO is S.R. Cho.

Founded in 1978 as a division of the Hyosung Group of industries, Hyosung began producing Japanese Suzuki motorcycle designs under license for the South Korean market in Changwon, South Korea in 1979. In 1986, they established their own research and development center in Hamamatsu, Japan, and the next year, they began mass production of their own designs. They were the official motorcycle supplier for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. In 2003, Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. was spun off from the Hyosung Group to become its own corporate entity. In June 2007, Hyosung Motors Division was acquired by Korean company S&T Group (Science and Technology), and the name changed to S&T Motors.

Hyosung today
Recently, they have expanded from their traditional business of simple and efficient bikes for commuting into the highly competitive recreational market. This includes adding models with larger engine displacement, up to 650cc (with 1000cc models planned); and expanding into developed markets such as Australia, Northern Europe, and the United States.

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