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List of BLATA motorcycle Models

List of BLATA Models
Blata, is a Czech company, based in Blansko, that produces high performance, mini moto bikes. These bikes are designed and built for use on a closed, paved circuit.

Pavel Blata, the founder of the company, had his first experiences with motorbikes as a competitor of six-day motorbike endurance events. During this time he had the chance to ride many different machines. He learnt first hand how they worked, what was important for the rider and also what the rider actually wanted. He saw the positive as well as the negative aspects of each different machine. After some time he decided that he must do something with this knowledge.

By the end of the 80’s he had started to produce and sell scooters and minibikes under the Blata name. He gradually built up a small team of people that he could trust, and set up a strong basis for the management of his company. This management core concentrated on building up another team of experts around them in the form of engineers, technicians and developers.


Historical milestones:
BLATA s.r.o. founders are carrying their business in small minibikes, motorbikes and scooters developing and producing more tham 17 years. They have fought a strong market position during this period and now they belong to companies determinating the way of minibikes segment development.
Hand to hand with minibikes goes road motorbikes production of 125 cc. Outstanding design, precise fabrication, luxury equipment... These are the features making Blata bikes different.

Blata has a high-quality products which are able to strike new market positions.

1974 - Pavel Blata – Povážské machine-works factory driver
1991 - first minibike builded up in Pavel Blatas garage
1992 - BLATA produced 554 minibikes a year and scooters development started
1993 - scooters BLATA exported to USA a EU nations
1994 - BLATA CUP minibike racing – Official Czech Cup founded
1995 - company has more than 20 employees and year production of 2200 minibikes and scoters
1996 - first CNC centers as well as brand new production hall were purchased, and new engine was produced
1997 - Blata cooperates in founding European chapionship which took place in Ulm (Germany) for the firs time. Jan Nemec team factory driver won the title and become the European champion.
Lukáš Pešek european champion a and BLATA factory team driver. Nowadays racing in MOTO GP 250 ccm.
2003 - new minibike ORIGAMI B1 development finished – awarded by Outstanding product award and The best manager act award
2005 - finished production hall construction
2007 - Design award: Outstanding design of the year
2009 - Blata Motard 125 BXM and Blata Enduro 125 BXE are homologated and ready to sell. Brand new minibike series Blata ULTIMA presented on Prague exhibition MOTOCYKL

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