Sunday, January 17, 2010

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MBK Motorcycle Models

MBK 2010
| X-Power | X-Limit Enduro | X-Limit SuperMotard |

MBK 2009
| X-Power | X-Limit SM | X-Limit Enduro |

MBK 2008
| X-Limit Enduro |X-Power | X-Limit SM |

MBK 2007
| X-Limit Enduro | X-Power |

MBK 2006
| X-Limit Enduro | X-Power | X-Limit SM |

MBK 2005
| X-Limit Enduro | X-Power | X-Limit SM |

MBK Industrie S.A. is a leading French brand of motor scooters and small motorbikes. The company, most famously known as Motob├ęcane, has been part of the Yamaha Motor Company
since the mid-1980s. MBK maintains production facilities in Saint Quentin, in a factory complex of some 370,000 square meters, with a production space of more than 131,000 square meters. MBK produces its own scooter and motorbike models as well as rebranded versions of Yamaha's own motor vehicles. The company's core scooter line is its "Booster" line of high-performance 50 cubic centimeter (cc) scooters, originally launched in 1990. The company also produces a range of 125cc scooters and motorbikes, including the Cityliner, launched for the 2008 model year. That model is MBK's first entry into the large-wheel scooter category, marketed especially to the urban professional consumer segment. Other popular MBK models include Ovetto, Nitro, the X-Power dirt bikes, and Stunt and Waap models. MBK employs 850 people and posted revenues of approximately EUR 275 million ($350 million) in 2006. The company has no relation to U.S.-based bicycle brand Motob├ęcane.

Motorcycle Insurance Informations

Who will provide physical damage insurance coverage for custom built motorcycles?

Nationwide - Custom parts and equipment coverage (up to $30,000), Custom and limited edition bikes and trikes coverage (up to $50,000), Kit and vintage bike coverage (up to $30,000).

GEICO - Motorcycle insurance is available for most types of motorcycles including: sport bikes, cruisers, tour bikes, enduros, scooters, dirt bikes, trikes and some custom bikes.



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